Арчибальд Кельман (stormax) wrote in intl_penpals,
Арчибальд Кельман

Wanna meet smart girl :)

Hey, people)
My asking is pretty unusual: I don't need new friends entirely, but dreaming about meeting a smart girl)

I'm Christ age, and I live too much in this world and know too much about everything.
I'm a "why-guy", I never hesitate to ask anything or to say everything you want to know. I really do.
I'm working now as a copywriter in professional audio field, used to be a writer of tech-books (wrote 26 of'em) and geek articles (15 years as a freelancer), I know everything that pro-user needs to know about gadgets and stuff.
I never finished the university, but learning everyday. have some certificates and working for more.
I'm ill with incurable disease (MS) and know the value of every day of the life.
I used to love different kinds of music, but now I focused on minimal techno and IDM. I'm writing and playing music too, could do some magic tricks with my synthesizer. I looove music synth, love to imagine how the waveform transforms, love to modify it and control it.
And yeah, I'm controlling bitch, downer (not sure if I use that word correctly:), grammar-Nazi, pedant and Virgo. I'm really tough person, beware of)

Someday in the deep past I tried to kill myself with hard sleeping pills. It didn't works (thanks to my best friends), but it changed my views on living. Since than I'm fighting. For everything I think that the right thing.
No, I'm not vegan - I love good steak. I'm not a fan of a Greenpeace and WWF - I think that everyone could do the world a better place if just tried to live and not to be so selfish.
I'm not an abstainer - I love good vine, nice scotch and tasty creme liquor.
I'm a straight-shooter - I hate liars. Especially girls-liars.
I used to be married with one sociopath girl. Divorced 4 years now.

Who am I looking? Smart girl. Without all of that women crazyness about beauty magazines, narcissism and Instagram. It's boring. You could love to be beautiful, but don't make it #1 in your life.
You're learning - not academically (probably), but you just love to live and know about new things every day. And you know exactly what Coursera is :))
You have a sharp tongue. In positive way, if you know what I mean. Main issue - you are an interesting person.
Etc., etc. I think if you're smart enough, you already know that.

Yes, maybe it's a little bit arrogant, but don't care)
Almost all of my "equals in age" became extremely boring: family, boring work, dachas, diapers, children... No, I have nothing against kids, but don't make them a center of universe and everything) It's boring. I was raised like a regular kid and love it.
I've got two real friends IRL and dozens of acquaintances, so I really don't need just "+1 friend". I'm pretty self-containment, so...

Write to me, if you have some interest in that, I'll be really happy if you will. Here or on stormax@f-m.fm.
Good night to everyone :)
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