Victoria (dreamitdoit) wrote in intl_penpals,


Name: Victoria
Age/Birthday: I will be 28 this summer.
Location: Midlands, England, UK
Hobbies: I love travelling and photography. I read a lot, write a fair bit and I love swimming. I am also a complete shopping addict.
Do you want snail mail pen pals? Snail mail please, I'm fed up of all my mail being bills and medical appointments!
Do you want new livejournal friends?: Sure if you want? I've been on LJ since 2003 but I don't post much these days. I do read though.
What are some countries do you want to meet friends from?: Anywhere and everywhere! I can't read or write anything except English and some German though.
Favourite movies: I like most things. Favs include: Wall-E, Fight Club, The Ice Age series, Girl Interrupted, Thor etc.
Favourite television shows: I don't watch much tv, mainly news and sport (football and F1) but I do like medical dramas.
Favourite music: Linkin Park, Blue October, Lifehouse, Slipknot, random dance songs
Favourite foods/drinks: Pizza!

I haven't had pen pals in a few years so I'm looking for some new people to connect with! Life is fascinating so even if we don't have much in common, I'd love to get in touch with people around the world.
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