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I missed doing this!

Hi everyone, my name is Ciara and I suck at introductions. I crossposted from other sites to find new friends/blogs to read, but decided to just randomly make one again. If you would like to be Livejournal friends, I am a habitual reader and an active commenter. I took a Livejournal hiatus because I wanted to figure something out in my life, balancing the new career and such... but now I am back! I always adored Livejournal.

I am down for snail mail pals and email pals too. :) Your pick!

Anyway.. I am a 24-year-old gal residing in the USA. I am a practical nurse. I love learning about different cultures. I intend to travel when time and money permits. If you add me on Livejournal, I will most likely talk about work, the random things I learn from my patients, books, pop culture stuff, geeky stuff, food, travel stuff, a lot of randomness and realizations.. Haha! I can get more random on letters and such.

My friends describes me as down-to-earth, random, geeky, work-a-holic, in between an introvert and extrovert, and patient. Haha.

Very interested in books. No genre preferences. HOWEVER, I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice, Anna Karenina, Eleven Minutes by Paolo Coehlo, Elantris, The Maze Runner series book #3, A Game of Thrones book #2, and starting Outlander soon after I finish Pride and Prejudice. During my work break, I am reading Thinner, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews. Random, I know. Recommend me books!

Music.. I may not be musically inclined, but I love the 80s-90s. I'm a lyrics fan though so recommend me music with nice lyrics. (Well I party and drink every now and then but NOT habitually.. I do enjoy some DJ's like Kaskade, Kygo, Tiesto, etc). Many to mention.

Movies.. many to mention. Hahaha!

TV shows: The Walking Dead, A Game of Thrones, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Parks and Recreations, Family Guy, Gundam series, the list goes on wow. I am a regular annually at Comic Conventions and so I am a couch potato since they feature a lot of TV shows there. Haha! I like retro anime, not really much into the modern ones. I seem to be into TV shows that are based on books as well... and superheroes.

Other random things.. I grew up being so into snail mail. I collect postcards (thanks postcrossing) and I would be willing to swap of give some (I have a lot leftover from previous trips). I am trying to be a better cook. I like to read travel guides. I am a foodie! I'm Filipino and also bilingual ( I can speak Tagalog fluently). I play video games in my spare time. Love my Hulu and Netflix account.. haha! I want to have friends from all over the world!

Just ask me if there is anything else I should have mentioned.
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