loma_kina (loma_kina) wrote in intl_penpals,

My name is Eugene Lomakina, I'm from Russia.

My name is Eugene Lomakina, I'm from Russia.

Here you can learn about me and to make friends,can talk about their Hobbies and interests,I would be happy to hold a conversation,I like to learn everything new in the forgotten old,geography,history,psychology,archaeology,foreign languages,travel and more.I love to read,ranging from classical to philosophy,as I love to write letters.My Hobbies ,interests

"alan parsons project", "Lord of the Rings (the book), "the alchemist" and "Veronica" (Coelho), classic book, country, fiction, gothic, history,landscaping, magic (paranormal), mylene farmer, web design, Azov sea, the House of Romanov, Italian, CHINA,Malarskie witches, St. Petersburg, Russia, the Middle ages, Chocolate, Scotland, Anne rice, English, architecture, Bavaria,lake Baikal, Baroque, second-hand shops, paper writing, vampires, inspiration, witches, vintage, magic,baking, crochet, geography, Germany, the city of Azov, Gothic, Gothic., Gothic literature, Greece, design,diary, painting, animals, foreign languages, interior design, art, historical figures, historical films,history, art history, history of costume, Italy, movies, classical music, books, culture, legends,literature, magic, dreams, Mylene, Farmen, mysticism, mythology, music, aspiring novelist, German, Novocherkassk,autumn, piano, writing, nature, Provence, Provence., travel, roses, runes, sleepy hollow, medieval literature,medieval, old books, dark culture, silence, to learn new things, figure skating, photo, photography, fantasy,flowers, tea, reading, chocolate, elves
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