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E-mail penpal Request!


Pen-name: James Houston (actually both are my real middle names)
First name: Kenitay (got my name from the western movie Ulzana's Raid, from 1972. xD)
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-20's.
Nationality: Dutch!

Looking for: Female penpals. I'm not what one calls a grammar-nazi, but I prefer someone whose English is pretty good. I'm sorry to say this, but I feel very discouraged when people send typical 3-liner type responses. I talk to people using multiple paragraphs(at least 2-3), though I'll try to prevent myself from writing massive email responses. x3 But if you're used to writing massive posts yourself, then I'd be all the more happier!

About me: Generally a happy, polite and gentle young man, who's mad about animals in general, nature, certain types of music and cats! I live in a rural, countryside town, in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands.

My hobbies:

  • Fiction writing

  • Doing bonsai

  • Writing haiku

  • Painting (when I can)

  • Learning Japanese language (feels like a hobby to me xD)

Ambition in life: To become a professional novelist, sooner than later. Working on my first novel.

Snailmail?: I'll consider it, but it depends on how our friendship has developed over time. But generally I just prefer e-mail penpals.

Contact me at:
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