elisianfields (elisianfields) wrote in intl_penpals,

Hi, I'm Elise.

Name: Elise
Age/Birthday: April 21
Location: Terre Haute, IN, USA
Hobbies: I love to read, write, listen to music, and play on my computer. I love all things Victorian and Steampunk.
Do you want snail mail pen pals? I'd like to try it. I've never had a snail mail pen pal, but I think I would enjoy it.
Do you want new livejournal friends?: Absolutely! I'm brand new, and my whole purpose here is to make some friends.
What are some countries do you want to meet friends from?: I'd love to meet people from all over the world. I am a native speaker of English, and I am currently studying Spanish, so if any Spanish speakers out there are willing to put up with me practicing, I'd love to write in Spanish some.
Favourite movies: Like Water For Chocolate, The Mystery of Rampo, The Usual Suspects, Fight Club, The Princess Bride, Labyrinth
Favourite television shows: I don't really watch television, but I'm enjoying Supernatural.
Favourite music: Taylor Swift is a huge guilty pleasure for me, but I also like Barenaked Ladies, Counting Crows, The Cure, twenty one pilots, fun., Sia, and Alessia Cara.
Favourite foods/drinks: I like Indian food, pizza, chicken cordon bleu, cheese, french bread, apples, and grapes.
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