eternity4550 (anustar) wrote in intl_penpals,

Need a friend.

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Country: India
Profession:Software engineer
A little about me: Avid music fan !! And books!! Favorite is ' A thousand splendid suns' by Khaled Hossani .
Favorite Authors: Khaled Hossani, Jhumpa Lahari,Jane Auston, Ayn Rand
Favorite past time: A book in hand, with soft music playing in the background.
TV : How I met your mother, BBT, White Collar, House, Game of thrones.
Looking for: I value friendship. I have lots of friends. Too many actually. But I still feel lonely sometimes. Somehow everyone is busy with their lives. I need a true friend, one true friend, someone to share real feelings with, understand culture differences,share silly things, recipes, argue over stupid things, tease, have open discussions.
How: Only through mails . You can reach me at (Any time !)
Waiting ! :)
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