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I dont want to sound horrible, but I've been looking for new penpals for a while now and whilst people on here reply saying they will. I get about one letter and thats it. I'm getting a little tired of it.

Name: Clare
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Interests: Witchcraft, The Occult (everything else that goes along with it), book collecting, letter writing, reading, taking photos, travelling, arts and crafts, baking, exploring, going to shows, listening to much, vinyl colelcting

Music: Pop, Rock, Folk, Doom, Thrash, Drone, Metal

Tv: Neighbours (haha), Eastenders and mainly documentries about current events, the human body, medical stuff, history

What are you requesting
How many penpals do you want: As many as want to reply
Do you want e-mails:Not reply (of course to start with)
Do you want snail mail: Yes please
Length of letters: I usually waffle, but more than a page is nice to read

Male or Female: Both
Age: Above 18
From where: Anywhere really. Not so much interested in the UK, but I will gladly respond

What are you looking for: Someone who shares the same hobbies/interests. SOMEONE WHO WILL WRITE BACK! Someone who likes to trade things maybe, definately a sense of humour

Some people have been interested in becomning pen pals with me before but after a few emails before sending letters, didn't get back to me. Please only contact if you intend to keep up contact
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